Sunday, June 17, 2007

remedial photos


Here are some photos that relate to earlier blog posts.

German riot police!

picture from the front of the anti-Bremen marchers:

Picture of lots of cops on foot:

Picture that includes German horseback piggies:

Picture with lots of paddywagons:

Picture that shows the anti-Bremen marchers, then some tear gas (above the back of the red car). Beyond the tear gas were pro-Bremen marchers. It is not the best picture of tear gas, but I was not inclined to hang out.

Picture of the main statue of the Brementown musicians. It is smaller than I thought, but cool. I still like it, and go out of my way to grab it for luck.

Here are 2 alternate statues of the Brementown musicians, followed by a statue of a guy summoning pigs:

Here is one of the grad student offices at U Tübingen. Yes, that's James Dean.

A lovely marketplace square in Tübingen:

Tubingen landscape:

Pretty Tübingen roofs:

And finally, 3 pics of me in Tübingen:

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