Friday, May 23, 2008

Euroad trip

Among other changes in the last year, I no longer drive. I have never driven in Europe, and probably logged less than 2 hours as a passenger in a car. I did not feel I was missing that much. Not owning a car is wonderful. No worries about repairs, gas, parking, security, insurance, or door dings. Traffic is irrelevant. No need to check traffic maps or road closings because the streetcars always run (eventually). Road rage is limited to cyclists who get pissed off cuz I am in the bike lane.
Yet tomorrow I being a road trip through Leipzig, Prague, and Budapest to Western Romania. I have no real reason for going except that it is new. This charm is lost on my labbies, who seem not to regard Romania as an exciting or even desirable destination. Cool, I get to see Eastern Europe, I say. Be careful, they say. Bah.
Check out the latest science news:

This article makes a surprisingly good case that, effectively, the distractibility and senility associated with old age actually = wisdom. It is a clever study with priming. Would be interesting to replicate with gamers, who might show the opposite pattern of old people. Good idea to pursue research to ennoble old people. Especially in a tough funding climate. I wonder what sort of research old people will fund next.

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