Sunday, June 15, 2008

luggage rack

I am looking in to flights from Bremen to Dublin for my trip to Northern Ireland next month. RyanAir, as usual, has absurdly cheap flights, but is quite sneaky with luggage. You get one carry-on for free. An additional carry-on, or checked baggae, incurs more fees. Similarly, when I flew back from the States in April, I had to pay an overweight fee since I acquired a lot of books, wine, and misc trinkets in the states. Of course, this leads to certain silly tricks like wearing lots of clothing, and especially my greatcoat, even if I would rather check these items.

Yet there is no weight limit on clothing. And they do not check pockets. Hm. What stops a tacky traveler from stuffing an overcoat with as much luggage as possible? Or other clothing. You could stick a pair of socks (maybe two) into your bra. Who the hell would challenge the luggage rack strategy? Excuse me, ma'am, could you please unstuff your bra and check those items? More likely, you would find male flight attendants more likely to give you one or six of those little bottles of liquor that normally cost five bucks.

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David said...

Common practice among Cuban Americans visiting Cuba and bringing their families there clothes, etc. was to wear layers and layers like you say to go beyond the normal restrictions on how much of it you can bring.

Another case involves a decorative strip of fabric on a hat being embedded with seeds (tomato, carrot, etc.) for family gardens.

I've also heard of hash being smuggled out of the Netherlands as bon bons in a box of chocolate.