Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fox Blues

The trip to San Diego has been full of work and a fair amount of play. I gave 4 talks already and had countless meetings, some of them overdone but some over green chile garlic sauce. Wrote a poster, new talks, part of a grant proposal and a paper, many many jobhunting emails, and still made it to a Charger game and saw many people. I made it to the beach for a couple hours today and caught a couple waves. Nobody was there, no fighting for waves or sand, no interruptions, kinda like the old days. Except that the water is freakishly warm for November.

Fox has cheered up lately, which is too bad. They were positively funereal for a few days there, with intermittent ungracious malice and Chicken Little handwaving about the perils endemic to the upcoming hard left presidency. But between these tirades, they lapsed into hilarious drudgery that was evidently too much for Brit Hume. Sarah Palin cheered up, and it's tough imagining a quiet or helpful future for her. She can't be snubbed because the evangelical base loves her, but she embarrasses the also necessary pool of more moderate Republicans like Powell, Will, and Buckley. If only evangelicals had maybe 3 votes each, it'd be so simple.

Life could also be simplified by spending more time hiking.

Single yellow aspen - Yellowjacket Mine hike

View west from Yellowjacket Mine

Icy river from Yellowjacket Mine trail

Peak from Twin Peaks hike

Twin Peaks hike facing east

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