Friday, April 30, 2010

Euroblogging Plus

The last month was pretty busy. Among other things, I was focused on launching a new website at That website has a research blog where I posted something recently, and will use again. That blog is obviously a professional work blog, focused on details of research, and hence a different stly than this one.

After a really confusing two month period of erratic weather, we seem to now be in spring, and headed solidly toward summer. Last month, I noted that spring had struck the flora of Graz, with green trees and blooming flowers and much healthier-looking grass. It took about a month later to hit the populace. All the restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and similar businesses busted out their outdoor seating, and Hauptplatz was thriving yesterday, with every seat full of Austrians watching the passing parade. We went out with a former colleague who was back in town for a visit, and it was quite a different scene from just a week ago, which was still rather forlorn and wintry unless you could see plants.

I doubt I will see all that much of it, though, since it's three weeks before a 39 day trip to California. The more work I do now, the less I have to do there. And on that note, off to the lab.

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