Friday, October 1, 2010

Stand and Deliver

I coordinated a 21 square meter stand at the ICT Expo in Brussels from Sunday until Wednesday this week. It went well. All of the demos were successful, we distributed a lot of literature and met a lot of people, and had some nice meetings and discussions. Here are some pictures.

The Expo location in Brussels. Note the sky color.

Our stand in Brussels. 21 square meters.

Felip Miralles, the coordinator of BrainAble, who joined us at our stand. He holds a box of Mozart chocolates, which also joined us at our stand, but not for long. I had to ask Christa to bring extras, which she did, and also did not last long.

A BCI User at our stand playing World of Warcraft. Note you can barely see she's wearing anything on her head - this is the whole point of new electrode systems.

Busy stand!

Another visitor to our stand uses the Intendix BCI speller from g.tec

She spelled the name of her company (Space Applications) with 100% accuracy! No training or screening. She was chosen randomly and never used any BCI before. She also spelled her name with 100% accuracy, but I did not get a picture of that.

ScratchBot, a curiously named robot presented at a stand near us. The yellow things are whiskers, since the system is modeled after a rat.

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