Monday, May 28, 2007

life in SD between Bremen trips

At the end of February my fate was sealed and I had 6 weeks left in San Diego. It wasn't so much that I did anything special, but did appreciate how special my routine was. I had a good life in San Diego, good friends, good hangouts, and so I saw no reason to change any of this. This is a picture of my last trip to Rimel's, my favorite lunch hangout. From left to right (excluding me) are David Leland, Eli Tiliakos, Jonathan Nelson, and Flavia Filimon.

I also spent a lot of time at Wine Steals in Hillcrest, which is good in itself and is very close to other spots - Chez John and Will Hoopes, Ono Sushi (which has sadly declined in recent years), and several good Thai places and taco shops. I went to the beach even more than usual and was probably most wistful there. Because that predates anything else here, even a fully formed hippocampus; I was going to the beach before I could remember.

I should add something about my old car, an 87 300ZX that I had owned for 10 years. It survived 2 cross country trips and 2 decades of heavy traffic. Those late 80s Japanese cars are indestructible.

At my last weekend I was graced with a pinata party. Hadn't been to one of those since I was a little kid. Huge mistake. Every party should have a pinata. Do not misread 'every.' Tea parties with old people should have pinatas. I used to think that pinatas for grownups wouldn't make sense. The fun is in the slow destruction of the pinata, and the joy of getting the contents. If you can demolish a pinata with one blow, and don't really care about little pieces of candy and coins, where's the fun? Leave it to John Hoopes, a master engineer, to figure out to simply give us a plastic bat. Brilliant. We all smacked that pinata as hard as we could, and it took quite a while to break through it. The contents were great. I still laugh at my favorite; raw tortillas. Not in a bag, or anything, just individual raw cord tortillas. Ole! They fall out into the dirt and lie there useless. Even sillier than the pinata itself. He also avoided the trite joke contents, eg flour or mayonnaise or water balloons. I am already scheming a pinata party for my friend Bernard's daughter Leonie's fifth birthday party. Again, all parties should have pinatas.

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