Friday, August 17, 2007

Witler Winner!

Great shame to David Leland, who was so carried away with my suggestion of a fifth Teletubby that he went out and made up his own image of said Teletubby, complete with his own face as Hitler! Terrible! Look at this:

David thus wins the spontaneously declared 'fifth Teletubby contest' unless someone submits a better entry.


David said...

To be fair, I didn't draw the teletubby or give it the name Hitler-Witler (see

What I did was take a photo I have of Brendan and digitally edit it (removing his beard was the hardest part) and do other tricks before replacing the original Hitler-Witler face with BZA's. It may be hard for some to recognize it as Brendan given being debearded, posterized, stretched to 140% normal width, and the moustache and hair bit.

Just couldn't resist.

David said...

Oh yeah, stop projecting your self-hating half-Jew neuroses onto me, Brendan. As I said, that's YOUR face, not mine!