Sunday, July 18, 2010

Star Alliance Bold

Three hours after I posted my last blog entry, from my hotel. The trip to Heathrow was uneventful. The Lufthansa terminal had signs advertising that they usually a security line of less than 5 minutes. Great, I thought. Cleverly, they did not mention any stats about how long it took to get through the security line. It took over an hour to check in and drop off my bag.

I was then wandering around and noticed the tantalizing sign "Star Alliance Gold Lounge." I don't know how many frequent flyer miles I am from that lounge, but it is more than two. I also noticed the winning combination of a long line and overstressed employees checking ID of people to get in. Hm. One of them was complaining that they wouldn't let him in because he is only silver, creating further distraction. I guessed that I could just stroll right in there if I stand up straight, avoid contact, and look officious and confident. So here I am.

Someday, I hope to get used to such lounges, so I can look back and laugh at how pleased I was way back in the day. At the moment, I am pretty pleased, all the more so because I snuck in. The area has comfy chairs, free newspapers, and free coffee and tea. This is nice, but so far, no better than the international terminal in Frankfurt is (or was). But the lounge here has fancier, more flexible coffee machines, with more drink choices, and also more tea options. And more comfy chairs, and waiter service. Why waiters? They also have:

Grolsch blond on tap.
several beers and ciders.
several bottles of wine.
several varieties of hard liquor.
water, coke, soda, etc.
apple and orange juice
shower rooms
free laptop area
free internet and charging
free newspapers
free magazines (shitty ones)
childrens play area
croissants, cereal with milk, fresh fruit
sandwiches with fresh bacon or sausage
good coffee machines, with cookies
lots of gourmet tea
nice chairs and decorations
and absolutely nobody questioning me.

Of course, in a way, my experience is just what the Star Alliance wants. I'm motivated to get more FF miles, and am telling numerous loyal readers about it. Yes! Get more FF miles. Or, consider the alternate plan I propose here. In the worst case, they tell you to leave. And of course, this tale is purely hypothetical, like anything that I write that could be remotely used against me. The (hypothetical) fact that I am violating my usual prohibition on 2 posts in the same day just so I can post this from inside the lounge is irrelevant. Not worth the trouble to trace the IP, which would provide ironclad proof of my so-called misdemeanor.

Now for the fun part - walking out.

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